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Not really much more to say right. Iain loves being a big brother…although I did bribe him with Oreo’s to pose for this and a few other pictures.

Craziness – Blog Move

For some time I have wanted to move this blog to a new domain.  I have also wanted to get off of using a self maintained install of Wordpress.  I don’t know why, just have.

Last week I decided to make the move and have switched to a new host.  Quite surprisingly to me, after looking at both and Blogger I decided on Blogger.  I guess it is because I am such a Google nut.  The blog most likely won;t get updated any more often, or include any different types of posts, but it is moving.

I have decided not to move the archives of this blog, and instead leave this here for posterity.  I am starting fresh with the information over at Blogger.  I will be updating the RSS links here to point to the new feed, but if you want to keep following my blog  you may want to move the feed manually.

New Blog Url:

New Blog RSS:


See ya there.

Congratulations President Obama

Could not be happier that we have elected Barack Obama as President of the United States.  I do believe that this change will make a huge difference, both to people in the US and for the perception of the US government around the world.  I am excited to see what happens over the next four years.

I watched tonight’s events unfold online.  I participated in discussions on a number of different social sites, and watched the news unfold live online.  Quite amazing to watch the thoughts of the world scroll by on Twitter, and see all the vote counts updating live on a variety of sites.  I did watch CNN, and they did a great job, but I really enjoyed all of the online coverage.  I doubt I will even need a TV for the election in four years.

It’s a whole new world.

Waiting to Game

My son is three years old now, putting him yet another year closer to the time when we can spend hours devouring our way through my game collection.  Interestingly, I find myself buying games today, that  I want to play with him tomorrow (or in 3 - 5 years).

It seems sort of crazy to do this, but I am afraid that if I don’t get some of these games today they won’t be here tomorrow.  The opposite side of the coin is that they will be here tomorrow and will be a new version.  Games like Runebound and Descent are not getting as much table time today due to their length.  However, these are exactly the games I want to introduce him to.  These are the games I am hoping to play with him (when he is 6 or 7 or 8).  I buy them today, so that I can play them today if I get a chance, and also so that we can play the full set in the future.

I might be crazy.  Anyone else suffer from this compulsion?

Delays…I love them!

I just finished looking through the Upcoming section of the Fantasy Flight Games web site.  Just a quick glance at the list of games that are coming out from FFG in November and December puts the following items on my want list.


Cosmic Encounter

Descent: Tomb of Ice


CoC: Core Set

Talisman 4th Edition (I need the update for the Black Industries version)

Talisman: The Reaper Expansion

Tannhauser: Gorgei, Ramirez & Operation:Novgorod expansions

Tide of Iron: Designer Series

Tide of Iron: Normandy Campaign

Runebound: Frozen Wastes

There are also a bunch of games on the list which are on my watch list to see what they are all about.  Games like Moto Grand Prix, Red November, Black Sheep and Kingsburg, and some of the Warhammer 40K roleplaying books also have some appeal.

The good thing is that FFG is notoriously bad at releasing things on time, so perhaps all of these games will not release in the next two months.  Sure, I don’t have to buy them when they release, but it’s more fun that way.  Nothing I love more than getting a GIGANTIC box from Time Well Spent and spending the day punching card board and organizing my games.  New games always means a game shelf restack as well.

It’s going to be a fun few months to be sure.